Our Mission

We are a community of women with a common bond, crusading to preserve the heritage of Hernando De Soto and his Historical Society in Manatee County, Florida.

Our Values

God, Family, Community

About SOTC

Hello and welcome!

The Sisterhood of the Crown is an organization of past DeSoto Queens, Princesses & Queen’s Court members.  We came together in 2009, to develop a stronger platform for “giving back” to our community and beloved DeSoto family, for the difference that’s been made in our lives. 

Many of us were changed forever, as young women, by the opportunities we were given, the friendships we made, the places we traveled and all that we learned ... thanks to the Hernando DeSoto Historical Society.  We found it only fitting to do something significant, to give back to an organization and community, that did so much for us.

Although it’s fun to dust off our crowns and sashes from time to time, very much like a helmet and boots... we are not a group of women trying to relive the past,...we are a group of women, giving back to the future.

We know first hand, what a unique & special honor it is to be selected as a Queen’s Court member, a DeSoto Princess or a DeSoto Queen, and we want that honor to be felt in others, who aspire to take part, for generations to come! 

Our hope is to be a strong influence in the lives of young women in Manatee County and a tremendous asset to the Hernando Desoto Historical Society, through our service.  We are proud to be part of this history as an organization, and we are here to support the HDHS and our community, in every way.

In gratitude and service,

Stacie Velliquette

1990 Queen

2011-2013 President

SOTC Social

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